A Journey of Workplace Excellence

We are thrilled to announce that 18 ENL companies have been certified Great Place To Work!

This accomplishment reflects the recognition by our teams of their employers’ efforts to foster a positive and enabling work culture and environment. It is certainly an incentive for the group to carry on with its objective to make each ENL company a fulfilling, inspiring and inclusive workplace.

Kudos to our HR community, Seeven Sookool, Anne-Sophie Valadon, Deeptee Kumari Taulloo, Delia Casale, Dylan Krisson André VERGER, Emilie Penelope, Gaëlle Sarah, Gaëlle Mousseron, Isha Golam, Jason H., Karen Veerapen, Laurent Félix, Meghna B., Dhayananden Niven Soopramanien, Romesh Beharee, Stéphanie Antoine, Teddy Bangaleea, Narrainen Jane Vannessa, Yaaser Abdool Rahman, Zubeir Peerally, Doriane Denise-Rama, Christelle Perrin d’Avrincourt, Christopher Botte, Lailesh Sidaya, Marisa Bignoux and Michèle Maurel Serret, our untiring frontliners in crafting and implementing strategies to uphold employee engagement levels. Your contribution towards the GPTW certification has been decisive.

And above all, we say THANK YOU to each and every ENL Team member for their invaluable vote of confidence and trust. You make ENL a great place to work, and we look forward to continuing this journey together!

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